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    It is the gate of Tekirdağ and Saray District to the Black Sea and located 27 km away from the District centre. This small bay, where the Bahçeköy stream flows into the Black Sea, forms the coastline of the Palace with 2,5 km of sandy beach. Bringing together the Yıldız (Istranca) Mountains (Forests) and the beauties of the Black Sea, Kastro, where green and blue embrace one another, is an important tourism centre. The chalets and promenades along the river from the Saray to Kastro, on the route of the Yıldız Mountains are worth seeing. Along the Bahçeköy Stream, which comes through the forests and flows into the Black Sea from the beach, trips are organized with boats into the forest. A lagoon lake was formed where the Bahçeköy Stream flows into the Black Sea. It is the only area with naturally growing larch forests in Trakya (Thrace). It is a unique piece of nature inhabited by the forest ecosystem and various animal and plant species, especially roe deer. Larch, Hungarian Oak, Sessile Oak, Saped Oak, East Hornbeam, Black Hornbeam, Ash, Beech, Maple, Linden, Alder are the main tree species in the area. There are rare species of Sand Lilies on its beach. When it blooms, it fascinates people with its beautiful scent.